Roofing Company Adelaide

Roofing Company Adelaide

Olde Style Roofing & Guttering is a family owned roofing company Adelaide that has been operating in SA since 1989. We started our business with a vision to provide South Australians with the highest quality craftmanship—which means continually updating and refining our methods to deliver flawless and durable results. As the safety hat of your home, it’s important that your roof ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality, protection and durability. However, design doesn’t have to be compromised. Over the years, we’ve worked on/installed hundreds of heritage, traditional and modern style roofs. Our technical skills and adaptable workmanship enable us to tackle any challenge you put forth, and we have extensive product knowledge if you need any guidance throughout the process. We use some of the most renowned Australian brands like Zincalume, BlueScope, and Colorbond for optimal results. For quality assurance, stick with the roofing company Adelaide you can trust!

How to Avoid Bad roofers!

An unreliable roofing company Adelaide is an absolute nightmare. The recurring costs for maintenance and repairs can be truly taxing, and it’s even worse when the company refuse to hold themselves accountable! Here are a few of our top tips on how to avoid the bad roofers in the industry—because you simply deserve better.

  • Don’t be shy to ask for visual proof of any qualifications and builders licensing! Some roofers might try and take on additional work that they’re not eligible to do—like roof plumbing.
  • Responsiveness is one of the key signs of reliability. If you’re roofing Adelaide team are contactable have answers to your queries, you know they’re there for the right reasons.
  • A team that doesn’t have a consistent process is probably a team that doesn’t know what they’re doing. A good roof replacement and repair company should be able to provide a comprehensive work schedule!

About Roofing Company Adelaide

Have you considered contacting roofing company Adelaide about your blocked gutters? The most efficient way to keep your drains clear of leaves, dirt and debris are to invest in durable gutter mesh & guard systems. While blocking is a pain to have to deal with in the cooler months, a build-up can actually put you at risk of fires during Summer! This can be a particularly large problem if you live in rural/country areas. So, we recommend implementing an effective management system that suits your home environment. Our team go the extra mile and actually come out to undertake an inspection of your home and property before coming up with a solution. We’ll offer a free, no-obligation quote, and put a range of options on the table so you can choose one that suits your budget. Let our roof repair company come up with the ideal solution for your home!

For friendly, efficient, and fantastic customer-service from the number one roofing company Adelaide, call 0412 836 392! With over 40 years of experience to our name, you can rest assured that our roofing company Adelaide is well-equipped with all the skills and expertise to solve your roofing problems or refresh the image of your home.

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